For Consumers


With PMA USA, you get knowledgeable, well-trained sales professionals who believe in treating you like family, and can help you find the right coverage at a price you can afford. You also get the dedication and support of Washington National Insurance Company, who has been serving people like you—from farmers and families in small communities, to business owners and employees across the United States—since 1911. And you can trust our wide range of products to deliver the coverage you need.


Return of premium

Many of our products offer premium-return options. With these options, you can get back your premiums, in some cases regardless of claims, after a certain period of time. Since 1995, Washington National has returned nearly $2 billion in premiums to our policyholders.*

Broad family coverage

Many Washington National insurance policies are available for you and your entire family, including spouse, children and grandchildren.

Wellness options

Many of our policies pay for medical screenings to help you and your dependents maintain your health.

Health Advocate service

This service, available on some policies, helps you navigate the healthcare system and maximize your insurance benefits. A personal health advocate will work on your behalf to answer questions and resolve clinical and administrative issues.

Discounts on prescriptions and more

Washington National’s Rx Savings plan is free to all policyholders and their family members. It provides valuable savings on prescription drugs, vision care, hearing care, daily living products, diabetes care and other medical supplies.

Continued care benefit options

Many Washington National policies have first-occurrence and indemnity benefits, lump-sum payments up to $100,000 upon evidence of diagnosis, and continued-care benefits to help prevent disease recurrence.

Fast claims payment

Washington National’s claims payment service helps you get benefits fast, when you need them most.

*Return of premium amount reflects payments to policyholders from January 1, 1995, and projected through December 31, 2013.