For Employers

Comprehensive employee education and enrollment support

Making informed decisions for important insurance protection is important. That’s why PMA USA provides educational articles, handbooks and other resources from Washington National Insurance Company to help your employees understand their critical health needs, the key role of voluntary benefits, and the importance of making healthier choices to manage or prevent illnesses.

PMA USA also guides employees through the enrollment process using customized posters, flyers, payroll stuffers, product plans and enrollment kits. Our state-of-the-art enrollment software eliminates manual data entry to ensure fast policy issue as well as accurate billing statements.

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Employees will have questions about their healthcare options: “Do I really need extra insurance? Can I do anything to prevent a major illness? If something happens and I need medical care, what are my options—and can I afford the options?” The Resource Center from Washington National helps employees find relevant information to help them understand their options and guide them toward answers on all of their important questions.

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