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PMA USA has the products and services to help analyze your situation and recommend an optimal benefits package for your employees. Employees can pick and choose coverage options based on their needs and budget. Our policies are portable, and HSA- and FSA-compatible. Most coverage is either simplified issue or guarantee-issue, making it easier for more employees to qualify for benefits.


More value-added options

Depending on your needs, PMA USA can also provide:

Section 125 plan*

You can defer the costs of premiums for your employees and your company. With a Premiums Only Plan (POP), you get the simplicity of payroll deduction. With PMA USA’s debit card program, you simply add to the “stored value” on the employee’s debit card using pre-tax dollars. Greater employee autonomy (no reimbursement forms to file, real-time account balance access) means less work for HR.

Credit union membership

We actively evaluate and match up credit unions with our employer clients so that they can offer employees convenient access to a full complement of financial services, including lifetime family memberships, loan and investment services, ATM cards and direct deposits.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)*

HRA plans (offered through P&A Group) are a benefit you may fund for employees to help reimburse them for medical care expenses. Employer contributions are tax-deductible, employee reimbursements are tax-free. The HRA has no waiting period, and groups of all size may participate.

Health Savings Account (HSA) plan*

HSA plans offer employees tax advantages while helping them pay for current or future healthcare expenses. The product provides affordable coverage that complements high deductible health plans, tax savings on qualified medical expenses (deductibles, copays, prescriptions, vision and dental care), and no use-it-or-lose-it penalty, so employees can roll over their account from year to year.

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*Washington National Insurance Company is an insurance product provider only and is not a plan sponsor, administrator, trustee or fiduciary.
Insurers and their representatives are not permitted by law to offer tax or legal advice. The general information here was written to support the sales, marketing or service of insurance policies offered by Washington National. Based upon individuals' particular circumstances and objectives, they should seek specific advice from their own qualified and duly licensed independent tax or legal advisors. No one may rely upon or use the information here for the purpose of avoiding any tax or tax penalty that may be imposed by the Internal Revenue Code or other applicable law.