For Veterans


We have the career you’re looking for!

At PMA USA, we value the contributions of all servicemen and women, and we have found that veterans are specially suited to be successful in sales careers with us.

With PMA USA, your positive attitude, effort and commitment, combined with the habits, aptitudes and skills you learned during military service, can lead to outstanding career rewards. Best of all, you don’t need a sales background to get going. In fact, many of our sales professionals came to us from military service. If you have big dreams - and the desire to achieve them—we invite you to join us!

And our formula for success is simple: You train and work hard. You follow a structured, proven system. You perform as an individual within a disciplined and highly motivated team. You win. Sound like something you’ve done before?


Veteran testimonials

  • In the Marines, I was part of a family, and organizational culture is important to me. PMA is all about building the strongest possible team, then growing that team by providing each person with the right training, support, rewards, recognition and growth opportunities.
    PMA USA star Jay F.
    Marine Corps vet uses discipline, work ethic to earn rewards.
  • My success with PMA USA can directly be attributed to following the system that is in place. They’ve already figured out what works and what doesn’t – if you follow what is laid out in front of you, there’s no limit on how far you can go.
    PMA USA star Shane S.
    National Guard vet follows playbook to success.
  • The philosophy of PMA USA is based around teamwork. And coming out of the military, that team atmosphere made me feel right at home, and helped me find success.
    PMA USA star Kris E.
    Desert Storm vet manages eight-state division.
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